Organisational Structure


Institutional Type, Governance and Organizational Structure

Legal Capacity and Governance

Anum Rural Bank Limited was founded and operated under the Banking Act, 1970 (Act 339) and the subsequent amended Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673) and currently operates under the Banking Act, 2007 (Act 738). Apart from the Acts, the bank is regulated by provisions in regulations and notices which are issued by the Bank of Ghana and the ARB Apex Bank from time to time.

The bank has established a legal structure and governance which permit it to provide identified services and mobilize resources implied in its mission statement and business plan. The bank operates in accordance with its organizational structure, with well defined direct and clear vertical links between the different reporting levels and units, with well defined discrete functions, clear individual roles and accountabilities which are tied to the achievement of the corporate plan. The organizational structure of the bank is flexible and adjusted when necessary, to meet changing requirements.

Board of Directors

At the apex of the organizational structure of the bank is the Board of Directors. The Board is the decision making body responsible for the formulation of policies and provides the overall strategic directions to the bank to ensure that it maintains focus on its objectives and vision. The Board is responsible for the appointment of key management staff of the bank and exercises risk management and oversight roles through various sub-committees.

The bank is currently governed by a ten (10) member board of directors. The members were elected by shareholders, except a Technical Director who was co-opted to the board due to his expertise, and a Supervising Manager who is an ex-officio member.

Management Team

The financial services industry is highly competitive, ever-changing and comes with its own set of unique challenges.  A special combination of skills is therefore required in this challenging market.  The skills are currently evident in the bank and are well directed by a highly qualified executive team headed by the Supervising Manager.

The management has oversight responsibilities over the day-to-day administration of the bank.  The function involves strategic decision making and planning that determine the goals of the business.  The functions of the management team include the following:-

  • Identifying and promptly solving problems relating to the operation of the bank and recommending possible solutions.
  • Developing plans and strategies for consideration by the Board.
  • Implementing policies and decisions of the Board
  • Approving loans and expenditure within the approved limits.
  • Evaluating and appraising staff performance and making relevant recommendations to the Board for consideration.

Human Resources Development

The staff strength of the Bank has increased over the years and currently stands at seventy six (76). The growth in employee numbers reflects the bank’s commitment to meaningful transformation, and also a strong indication of its role in the growing financial market. The bank recruits people with requisite skills and passion to perform effectively. The staff are at the heart of the bank and this is acknowledged through its training, development and policies. Each staff member is eligible to participate in appropriate training courses.

The bank conducts training on its own and also relies on external organizations such as the Bank of Ghana, ARB Apex Bank, Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN), the Banking College and Consultants in the development of its staff. Employees are encouraged to focus on delivering the key business objectives of the bank and are guided by management with experience and understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Agencies and Mobilization Centers

All issues in respect of provision of financial services are handled through agency operations and mobilization centers. Each of the agencies is headed by an officer in the grade of at least Sub-Assistant Accountant. The management of the agency has the overall responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the agency. The bank currently has 7 agencies at Anum, Atimpoku, Akosombo, Juapong, Avetile/Peki, Afienya and Dzemeni. In addition, it has two mobilization centres at Boso, Peki Dzake.


The bank currently has seven (7) agencies:

  • Anum
  • Atimpoku
  • Akosombo
  • Juapong
  • Avetile/Peki
  • Afienya
  • Dzemeni In addition, it has two at Boso, Peki Dzake.