Products and Services


Products and Services

Deposit Services

The main trust of the bank’s business is the acceptance of deposits and provision of loans to individuals, groups and businesses in its catchment areas .  Savings mobilization has been a very important integral part of the bank’s philosophy and strategy.  The emphasis on savings is not principally meant to keep surplus funds away, but rather considered a desirable habit that must be acquired by the people on a sustainable basis.

The bank has focused mainly on voluntary savings but believes that compulsory savings and    voluntary savings are incompatible and therefore sometimes solicit for compulsory savings.  The bank offers four basic deposit services which primarily differ in terms of liquidity and return.  The deposit services include:-

  • Demand deposits (current Account);
  • Regular Savings Deposits;
  • Susu Savings Deposits;
  • Time Deposit and
  • Group Savings Deposits

The bank realizes the need to provide savers with security, convenience, liquidity and return for their deposits.  In this regard, it is always conscious of ensuring the following among others:

  • Maintaining a good reputation,
  • Providing physical proximity, easy access and little waiting time, as well as fast service delivery to its customers;
  • Offering product mix with different types of liquidity or ease of withdrawals to cater for different liquidity preferences of customers, and
  • Setting interest rates at competitive levels to ensure positive return.


The Microfinance operation is an integral unit of the bank, mandated and responsible for all group/microfinance loans granted to mostly; women traders within the bank's catchment areas. Its operations have been totally separated from the traditional loans unit to enhance effective operation and outreach. It is managed as an agency of the bank, with its head office situated at Juapong and two (2) other effective branches at Afienya and Peki. Since the establishment of this unit in 2004, it has executed its duty by providing timely micro loans to several hundreds of groups and thousands of group members, creating positive changes in their clients businesses and lives. The well dedicated staff offers their clients not only financial services (Micro loans, National Health Insurance, Life/funeral Insurance etc) but non financial services like education on health, Agricultural/farming, moral, social and financial issues to enhance their overall lives. Its style of operation is designed to take banking and relevant non banking services to the doorstep of our clients, encouraging/cultivating the habit of voluntary savings in our clients; all at the convenience of their time and businesses. The Microfinance unit has positioned itself well in addressing all challenges and has always soared above its competitors with innovative and 'friendly' approach to duties and policies. Interest rate and other conditions are exceptionally low and flexible with the mutual interest of clients and the banks business sustainability taking equal stages, not compromising all efforts at maintaining high loan portfolio quality. The spread is so wide and deep living no stone unturned in terms of services to clients in the operational areas. Some of the operational areas are Vakpo, Have, Kpeve, Peki, Dzemeni, Anum, Asikumah, Frankadua, Apeguso-Mpakadan, Akosombo, Atimpoku, Akwamufie, Akrade, Juapong, Somanya, Afienya and still growing. The unit is poised at augmenting all efforts at reducing the poverty in the lives of our clients and the inhabitants in our operational areas in general. The unit is deepening the vision and slogan of the bank "a partner in progress"

The tools used in the credit operations of the bank involves the following among others:

  • Small loans typically for working capital
  • Small consumer credit facilities
  • Using collateral substitutes such as group guarantee or compulsory savings
  • Access to repeat and larger loans based on repayment performance
  • Streamlined loan disbursement and monitoring process.
  • Interest rates on loans designed to ensure that the full financial, operational and credit risk costs are covered.
Loans generally have maturity of one year with monthly repayments and are considered for all income generating activities.


The bank currently has seven (7) agencies:

  • Anum
  • Atimpoku
  • Akosombo
  • Juapong
  • Avetile/Peki
  • Afienya
  • Dzemeni
  • In addition, it has a Microfinance Unit located at Juapong.