Objectives, Vision and Mission


Objectives, Vision and Mission

Corporate Objective

Anum Rural Bank Limited was set up with the objective of mobilizing deposits to help finance         rural economic activities and promote growth.

The broad objectives of the bank include the following:-

  • To provide access to financial services through deposit mobilization and granting of credit to individuals and small scale operators who cannot obtain such services from the other financial institutions.
  • To design and implement attractive financial products to suit the varied needs of customers both in the formal and the informal sectors of the Ghanaian economy
  • To reach out to target clients in the catchment area of operation
  • To provide business advisory services to micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs through training and counseling


The vision of the bank is to become one of the leading and most dependable rural/community banks in Ghana.


The bank currently has seven (7) agencies:

  • Anum
  • Atimpoku
  • Akosombo
  • Juapong
  • Avetile/Peki
  • Afienya
  • Dzemeni In addition, it has two at Boso, Peki Dzake.